Anjani properties a land mark for comprehensive income. With single investment four profits along with a property. Started at Prakasam district Addanki. Now expanding our services all over Andhra Pradesh and other states too.

  • Four plantation Ventures in and as Manima Vanam.
  • To take 0.22 cents land to cultivate around 100 plants and register it in revenue department and provides pass book to the      customer as a farming land holder.
  • Farming in a organic way.
  • Diamond fencing all around the venture with cc tv vigilance.
  • 24 hours security
  • Water facility in drip irrigation in process.
  • More than enough bores, uninterrupted power supply and solar facility.
  • Farm house facility for customers visiting.
  • Agriculture experts supervision.
  • 100% vasthu title spot registration.
  • After 8 years dog squad security is going to increase.
  • Road ways available for every farm unit.
  • After 12 years the income will be distributed as company 40% and customer 60%.
  • For strong mental health
  • Our country is one among all the seven countries producing.
  • Agar food is also known as wood of God.
  • Agar oil is utilised in making medicines especially for cancer treatment.
  • Also used in Aroma therapy and Sugandha ingredients.
  • Good remedy for heart problems, blood pressure and diabetes.
  • Infertility,Algimers and Menustral pains prevention.
  • Used in making of recreation boats, ships, musical instruments, furniture, doors and windows
  • Most expensive tree in the world.
  • Roots and outer bark is used in medical field.
  • Used in making of pooja oils and Sugandha ingredients.
  • In many countries kids to adults everyone likes to eat kharjuram(dates).
  • Kharjuram is a valuable dry fruit and it works as a medicine for our body.
  • Kharjuram is good for heart and pregnant women.
  • Good for treatment of constipation, night blindness and intestinal diseases.
  • Kharjuram is commercially most demanded fruit.

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